MyEli's jewel

What if all it took was one click to protect yourself?

Composed of an electronic chip and a battery, the MyEli connected jewel can alert, secure and reassure loved ones in case of danger.

MyEli bracelet anti agression


Alert your loved ones in case of danger and secure your travels:


SMS customizable and automatic alert call, sent simultaneously to your backup contacts (up to 5 contacts)


Sending my position & Devil followed GPS to my emergency contacts


OPTION 1 : Triggering of a 15-second audible alarm.


OPTION 2 : Recording of the insecure situation, via a click on the notification on your phone, when the alert is triggered.

MyEli bracelet anti agression

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Reassure your loved ones that you have arrived at your destination:


SMS "home safe", I got home safely

No need to browse through your directory to let your loved ones know that you have arrived at your destination!

No subscription

No GPS tracking

No immersion under water

3 innovations :

A technological innovation

Represented by a miniaturized and space-saving IoT, in terms of connectivity as well as optimal communication, connected to Bluetooth with the mobile terminal.

A social innovation

MyEli wishes to provide security solutions to people to overcome the problem of street harassment and domestic violence.

An innovation of use

By offering people in need of security to have an everyday object accessible, reassuring, allowing them to scare away, alert or reassure.